Keyword Analysis

85 – 90 % of internet users use search engines to find information or to purchase online. Make sure that your site is optimized for the keywords that they are searching for!

Improve your ROI:
Swish NYC SEO’s keyword analysis service provides you with the research and data to make smart decisions that will result in generating quality targeted visitors to your web site.

Keyword Analysis to improve search engine placement and search engine rankings

Some people achieve top 10 placements in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Because…

Many search engine optimization companies simply ask their clients to supply a list of keywords or keyword phrases that they feel would be work. But Swish NYC SEO uses our client’s suggestions as a starting point and find many relevant keywords or keyword phrases after we research your products and keywords.

Swish NYC SEO can help you to find all keyword combinations that have any relation to your business or service.

Supply us with some keywords related to your business or service and we will supply you with a list for keyword combinations that relate your business or service.

We will give you a count for each term, the number of competing websites for that term on each of the major search engines, the number of times that term is likely to be used on each of the engines and a scoring value for each keyword or keyword phrase to target.